Golden Touch

At Sacco & Fillas the attorney with the “Golden Touch” is Senior Trial Attorney, Wesley Glass, Esq. The recent verdict from a Supreme Court: Queens County jury illustrates that with Wesley’s touch on evidence and the cross examination of two (2) defendants and three (3) independent witnesses during trial convinced the jury to find the target defendant 100% responsible for the motor vehicle accident notwithstanding the targeted defendant’s opinion that the case was totally defensible as well as the Court’s opinion during the trial that defendant was correct in their position and Wesley should accept the One Hundred Thousand ($100,000.00) Dollars offer. With his touch and his touch only, the matter resolved for One Million Five Hundred Thousand ($1,500,000.00) Dollars; more importantly, Wesley is the driving force at the firm by overseeing the firm’s complex matters where with his participation as the trial attorney, preparing the matter for trial, and with his laying out the trial strategy within the past few months approximately Five Million ($5,000,000.00) Dollars in personal injury matters have resolved; Other recent notable settlements Wesley was responsible for a Seven Hundred Fifty ($750,000.00) Dollars settlement for a construction worker injured at a construction site and a One Million Five Hundred Thousand ($1,500,000.00) Dollars settlement for pedestrian struck by a motor vehicle during work.