Locking Down the Data – Protecting Your Personal Information During the Pandemic


By Alexander Lee COVID-19 has highlighted the central role of the Internet in both our professional and personal lives, but this increasingly digital world comes with a fresh set of challenges. We spoke to Elias Fillas of Astoria’s own Sacco & Fillas LLP to learn more about the legal ins and outs of controlling one’s…

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Closed, But No Cigar: Navigating Business Closures During the Pandemic


The coronavirus pandemic has been a trying time for local businesses and their customers alike, with some neighborhood store owners forced to suspend their business, reduce hours or pivot in order to stay afloat. We spoke to Elias Fillas of Astoria’s own Sacco & Fillas LLP to learn about the legal ins and outs of…

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Eating Out? Working In? How to Navigate the Remote World of Covid-19

By Alexander Lee With work-from-home and dining-out restrictions constantly changing during these turbulent times, it can be hard to keep track of what is and is not currently allowed. We spoke to lawyers Elias Fillas and Luigi Brandimarte of Astoria’s own Sacco & Fillas LLP to get the lowdown on how best to navigate NYC’s…

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Keeping the Peace


By Alexander Lee How to Navigate the Landlord–tenant Relationship During These Historic Times Landlord–tenant relationships can be difficult to navigate even in normal times, and the coronavirus pandemic has placed immense pressures on both rent payers and rent collectors. We spoke to lawyers Elias Fillas and Luigi Brandimarte of Astoria’s own Sacco & Fillas LLP…

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Children’s best interests come first

After a full consolidated matrimonial and family offense trial in Supreme Court: Queens County, a judgment was granted in favor of our client for divorce; sole legal and physical custody of the children; an order of protection; the spouse was denied any visitation; and the Court further awarded maintenance and child support above the guidelines.…

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Spoliation of Evidence

Supreme Court: Appellate Division: Second Department reversed Supreme Court: Queens County Order granting Defendant’s motion for summary judgment dismissing the complaint and denying our motion for sanctions for spoliation of evidence. Kudos to Adam Nichols, Esq on a phenomenal result. Great job, Adam!! http://www.nycourts.gov/…/handdow…/2017/Decisions/D53876.pdf

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Appellate Practice – Appellate Division

APPELLATE PRACTICE: RECENT PUBLISHED DECISIONS FROM THE SUPREME COURT: APPELLATE DIVISION SECOND DEPARTMENT REVERSING SUPREME COURT: NASSAU COUNTY AND QUEENS COUNTY ORDERS Congratulations to Ying Hua Huang, Esq on the Koutsoumbis Matter and Jeremy Ribakove, Esq. who argued the Valerio Matter before the Court. http://www.nycourts.gov/report…/3dseries/2017/2017_03162.htm http://www.nycourts.gov/report…/3dseries/2017/2017_03217.htm

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What did Sacco & Fillas do that the referring attorney did not do to produce this great result?

At Sacco & Fillas we pride ourselves on the fact that many of our cases are referred by other attorneys. As attorneys, the greatest compliments we receive are referrals from our peers; whether the attorneys do not offer legal services in our practice areas or they are attorneys who practice within the same areas but…

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Commercial Team: Mortgage Fraud Litigation

TEAMWORK Commercial Team: Mortgage Fraud Litigation 542A Realty, LLC v. Zinnanti, et al. This complex commercial/real estate litigation file was dear to the firm where we were retained to save elderly sisters from losing their home and sole asset from a foreclosure action that all arose from fraud. A loss would have devastated our clients.…

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