Judge Charles J. Vallone Scholarship Dinner-Dance

We are pleased to annouce that partners, Tonino Sacco and Elias N. Fillas are the Honorees of the Judge Charles J. Vallone Scholarship Dinner-Dance, Saturday, April 6, 2013.

Do Not Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

THE APPELLATE TEAM AT SACCO & FILLAS, LLP “DO NOT LET SLEEPING DOGS LIE.” Supreme Court: New County dismissed the complaint of a plaintiff who sustained knee injuries requiring an arthroscopic procedure on the grounds that the plaintiff did not suffer a serious injury as defined by Insurance Law Section 5102(d). On January 31, 2013, Appellate Division: First Department correctly reversed the Supreme Court indicating that we did sufficiently raise an issue of fact with respect to the right knee injury proffered by the affirmations from the radiologist and orthopedic surgeon. Justice served. The plaintiff will have her day in court as the case is now passed from the Appellate Team to the Trial Team at Sacco & Fillas. Job well done by associate attorney, Si Aydiner, Esq.

Congratulations to Elias N. Fillas, Esq.

“Sacco & Fillas congratulates partner Elias N. Fillas, Esq. for settling a 241(6) Labor Law matter at trial for $800,000 for a subcontractor that slipped and fell at a construction site where he sustained cervical and shoulder injuries.”

Welcome to Jeremy S Ribakove, Esq.

We are pleased to announce that Jeremy S Ribakove, Esq. has now joined our firm as an associate attorney within our litigation group specializing in personal injury.

Dismissal of a mortgage foreclosure action brought by a national bank

A notable decision was rendered by Supreme Court: Queens County in favor our client on January 17, 2013. Sacco & Fillas, LLP obtained a dismissal of a mortgage foreclosure action brought by a national bank. The firm successfully argued that because our client discharged the underlying note in bankruptcy many years before assignment of the mortgage, the bank here did not have standing to bring this action, and our client is not responsible to pay the mortgage of $560,000.00. An exemplary job of legal analysis, research, and argument by Si Aydiner, Esq. Sacco & Fillas, LLP is creating new case law for the victims of the foreclosure crisis perpetuated by the Banks.

Sacco & Fillas is dedicated to it’s clients

Another case that exemplifies the sheer effort that Sacco & Fillas dedicates to its clients. On April 29, 2006, our client was driving passed a double parked motor vehicle when it darted into her lane of traffic causing the accident and a knee injury requiring an athroscopic surgery. Defendant contended it was double parked and it was struck in the rear as it was stopped and double parked. After a long discovery schedule and motion practice, this action went to trial on January 4, 2010. The jury returned a verdict finding the defendant 55% responsible for the accident notwithstanding the defendant’s photographs showing indication of rear end damage to his motor vehicle. Defense counsel requested a briefing schedule post verdict to set aside the verdict as being against the weight of the evidence. After the briefing schedule, and oral arguments. Supreme Court: Kings County dismissed the entire action notwithstanding the verdict. The firm appealed the decision to the Second Department: Appellate Division where it reversed the Supreme Court’s decision, and reinstated the jury verdict. The trial, the post trial motion practice and oral arguments in Supreme Court, the appellate briefs and oral arguments in the Appellate Division was all conducted by Larry Badash, Esq. Kudos to Mr. Badash! After this long journey of litigation, this matter finally appeared on the calendar for the trial of the damages. At this juncture, on the commencement day of trial this matter successfully settled beyond all expectation. Trial Counsel at the trial for damages was Lamont Rodgers, Esq. At Sacco & Fillas, this was another day in our life.

Congratulations to Lamont Rodgers, Esq.

Congratulations to Lamont Rodgers, Esq. for the reversal of the Supreme Court: Queens County’s Decision by the Appellate Division: Second Department dismissing the complaint of a victim of a car accident on the grounds that she failed to obey the stop sign but ignored the other motor vehicle’s comparative negligence. Appellate Division correctly ruled that the defendant’s comparative negligence created an issue of fact requiring the denial of the defendant’s motion for summary judgment. (Sacco & Fillas is committed to taking their cases to the end to protect their clients)

New associate attorney Rodrigo C Tordecilla, Esq.

Sacco & Fillas would like to welcome new associate attorney Rodrigo C Tordecilla, Esq. who has joined the firm specializing in personal injury litigation.

What to do when confronted by an officer.

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: Police Encounters – What to do when confronted by an officer. By: Brian Barnwell, Associate Attorney, Sacco & Fillas, LLP: Many people want to know whether or not they must respond to police officers approaching them on the street. The answer isn’t so simple.

Congratulations to Lamont Rodgers, Esq.

Congratulations to Lamont Rodgers, Esq. obtaining Five Hundred Thousand ($500,000.00) Dollar judgment for plaintiff assaulted in a comedy club.