Sacco & Fillas is dedicated to it’s clients

January 24, 2013

Another case that exemplifies the sheer effort that Sacco & Fillas dedicates to its clients. On April 29, 2006, our client was driving passed a double parked motor vehicle when it darted into her lane of traffic causing the accident and a knee injury requiring an athroscopic surgery. Defendant contended it was double parked and it was struck in the rear as it was stopped and double parked. After a long discovery schedule and motion practice, this action went to trial on January 4, 2010. The jury returned a verdict finding the defendant 55% responsible for the accident notwithstanding the defendant’s photographs showing indication of rear end damage to his motor vehicle. Defense counsel requested a briefing schedule post verdict to set aside the verdict as being against the weight of the evidence. After the briefing schedule, and oral arguments. Supreme Court: Kings County dismissed the entire action notwithstanding the verdict. The firm appealed the decision to the Second Department: Appellate Division where it reversed the Supreme Court’s decision, and reinstated the jury verdict. The trial, the post trial motion practice and oral arguments in Supreme Court, the appellate briefs and oral arguments in the Appellate Division was all conducted by Larry Badash, Esq. Kudos to Mr. Badash! After this long journey of litigation, this matter finally appeared on the calendar for the trial of the damages. At this juncture, on the commencement day of trial this matter successfully settled beyond all expectation. Trial Counsel at the trial for damages was Lamont Rodgers, Esq. At Sacco & Fillas, this was another day in our life.

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