Insurance Claim

March 18, 2013

As experts of INSURANCE LAW Sacco & Fillas, LLP obtains recovery for a victim of a fall from a defective stairwell even though the insurance carrier refused to provide coverage to the defendant. The refusal to provide coverage to its insured who is the defendant in our action (“insured/defendant”) on the grounds that the insured/defendant untimely notified the insurance company of the claim. The insured/defendant then defaulted in answering the summons and complaint. The firm successfully obtained a significant judgment against the insured/defendant at an inquest in Supreme Court: Queens County. After obtaining the judgment, our client now had standing to sue the insurance carrier of the defendant for failure to provide coverage to its insured and to pay the judgment obtained at the inquest. After the commencement of the declaratory judgment action against the insurance carrier, the parties agreed to an out of court mediation. In the end, our client was well compensated at the mediation. This process is a standard example of legal maneuvering and the tenacity that is in place by the partners, Tonino Sacco and Elias Fillas, who handled this matter, for uncollectable judgments arising from personal injury matters when insurance carriers improperly decline to provide coverage to their insured/defendant.

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