Madeline Singas Claims Victory In Run For District Attorney

November 4, 2015

Yesterday’s election contests throughout the state presented some of the most heated races in recent memory. No race more heavily contested than the race for the Nassau County District Attorney’s office between Madeline Singas and Kate Murray. The race pitted Singas, the acting district attorney for Nassau County after the seat was vacated by Kathleen Rice after last year’s election against Kate Murray, a career politician with massive support from the Republican party and politicians such as Rudolph Giuliani. When the polls closed, it became apparent that Nassau County voters opted for the person most qualified to hold the District Attorney’s office in Singas rather than Murray who suffered the defeat in Nassau County which has always been a Republican stronghold.
We are very proud to have supported Madeline Singas from the day she decided to run for District Attorney until last night when she claimed victory in this hotly contested election. We wish Mr. Singas her the best of luck in facing the challenges that come with the District Attorney’s Office and have all the confidence that her performance will benefit the residents of Nassau County.

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