September 14, 2015

PRODIGY is defined as “a person endowed with exceptional qualities or abilities.” Sacco & Fillas, LLP has a Prodigy in their Personal Injury Department. If you recall from a previous post Igor Grichanik, Esq tried his first case resulting in a phenomenal result on a de minimis case. We are proud to advise that Igor just tried his second case this week. This case was tried to verdict in Supreme Court: Queens County and it was scripted for a defense verdict. A few months ago defense counsel made a motion to have the case dismissed because it did not meet the Threshold Requirement of a serious injury pursuant to Insurance Law Section 5102(d). As a compromise to the Court, we agreed to have an immediate trial as opposed to have the Court decide the motion because in our opinion the Court would have granted the defendant’s motion. What the Defense Counsel did not know, we had our “ace in the hole”; namely, Igor Grichanik, Esq. Not only was there a question whether our client sustained a serious injury but the liability was an issue as well. The jury returned a unanimous verdict and awarded our client $125,000.00. Prodigy? Stay tuned and watch confirmed Trial Attorney Igor Grichanik, Esq. at Sacco & Fillas, LLP

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