The trial judge allowed hearsay evidence admitted during the trial

September 16, 2015

The appellate term of the second department set aside the verdict that dismissed our clients case because the trial judge allowed hearsay evidence admitted during the trial. The trial judge allowed a medical expert called by the defendant to testify about a document that was not admitted into evidence. The trial court overruled trial attorney and partner, Elias N. Fillas, Esq. vehement objections to the hearsay during the trial, and the court then denied our motion to set aside the verdict. The firm looked to our own associate, Jeremy Ribakove, Esq. at Sacco & Fillas, LLP to fight our cause in the appellate term and correct the reversible error. Jeremy was on the appellate brief and oral arguments. Kudos to Jeremy for an outstanding job!! Our client who sustained a disabling injury requiring back surgery will get justice at another trial. We will have our evidence guru, Jeremy Ribakove, Esq. on standby.

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